Some people say “If you want it enough, you just take the time”. I think that’s BS and here’s why.

We all have busy lives. Work and family and a ton of other obligations. That does not mean that enjoying drawing like when you where younger have to be a closed door forever.

You see artists all the time that creates incredible stuff that you think you would never be able to do. They’ve probably spent their entire life focused on doing what they do. But that’s not the only way to get there.

Actually if you make a habit of drawing just a little but for fun 2-5 minutes a day. You will experience progress fast than you imagine.

I discovered this by coincidence in 2017 when I challenged people to draw for NO more than 5 minutes at the time, but draw everyday. That’s what started the 5 Minute Fink Challenge on instagram (#5minfink) There’s now more than 8.000 photos of drawings from people all over the world.

Turns out that we struck on the power of habits. Apparently athletes have used habit systems for ages. But I’ve never heard of it connected to drawing before.

Best thing is. It’s simple and everyone can do it, no matter what your skill level is.

I’ve collected everything you need to get started in 10 minutes or less without having to go deep on the psychology of habits, and why it works. (I’ll geek out on that for you). You just go grab the done-for-you Drawing Habit System to get started.