Holy smokes this rules…

We have passed 10.000, 5 Minute Fink drawings on instagram.

I watch the #5minfink hashtag everyday, and it’s so fun to see all the weird ideas you people come up with.

Not to mention the messages I receive about how the 5 Minute Fink contest have helped so many weirdos around the world to have a great time drawing again.

The concept is simple, but the impact is huge.
Make some kind of weird drawing in a couple of minutes everyday.
It’s not about getting it perfect
It’s not about getting the most likes
It’s not even about making a finished drawing

It’s ALL about getting it done, everyday, continuously

Faster than you think you will have racked up those drawing practice hours without even noticing, and you automatically improve.
Soon you will become motivated to draw more, and you will get even better.

The principle is that you don’t wait for motivation to start doing. You start doing, and then motivation follows.

You are more than welcome to join in. Everyone can participate completely free.

These are the only rules:

1. Draw what ever you want for around 5 minutes a day (1 minute is better than nothing. Everyone starts somewhere).

2. Post your drawings on instagram and use the hashtags #5minutefink and #lowbrowempire

That’s all… yes really. That is all. No need for sharing anything, tagging all your friends, leaving a bunch of comments, or getting all your friends to vote for you and all those tricks.

The contest exists to help as many people we can, who love drawing weird stuff, to draw more and level up their skills faster than they imagine.
Each week we do a weekly highlight picking some drawings that stand out in some way that week.

Each month we pick a winner who did all their drawings for the month who wins a $20 gift card to the Korero Press Online Book Store. (Publisher of some of the most awesome art books for weirdos on the planet).

Go check out the Lowbrow Empire instagram here to see past highlights and winners. https://www.instagram.com/lowbrowempire/

If you want some extra tools to create a solid drawing habit you won’t quit as well as some great drawing tips and tricks you can sign up to The Lowbrow Hive Mind our free resource hub for weirdos who like to draw.
Go Sign up here: https://lowbrowempire.vipmembervault.com/teaser/courses/view/1

Follow this hashtag on instagram to keep up with all the drawings. It’s an inspiration generator….https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/5minfink/