We all remember drawing as kids and how fun it could be creating new worlds, drawing scary monsters, princesses with flowey hair and heros with square jaws. But alas! The world tells us to get it together, get an education and a real job. Drawing won’t earn you a living and if you have to keep doing it, it should be dead serious.

To hell with that!

Drawing should be just as fun as today as it was when you where younger. We CAN fit drawing in to a busy life of work, studies, family and hundreds of other chores, tasks, and obligations.

We just need to approach it differently and forget some of the bull crab the old traditional way of learning to draw dictates.

That’s what this is all about.

Welcome to the Lowbrow Empire. 

Jesper gently carresing his fish

 In a world where the chore is king and the grind is queen, the producer behind the Flake & Flames – Kustom Kulture documentary, tattooer and lowbrow artist Jesper Bram, invites you down the rabbit hole and into a world of gore, one-eyed creatures and wizards on choppers.

Jesper’s art has appeared in books, magazines, and art shows throughout the world. For over a decade, he has created art for iconic brands, bands, and events. His dream has been to create a learning experience that shares the fun and weirdness of lowbrow art with artists who have the passion and eagerness to learn.

 Jesper founded Lowbrow Academy in 2017 because it’s exactly what he dreamed about finding all of those years ago, when he first began as an artist. So he started it himself!